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Last Updated: November 14, 2022.

Welcoming New Users

If you are a new user, by the time you finish reading this, your notifications column may have already filled up with messages. No, these are not bots. These are existing members of the community making sure you feel welcome. This “welcome wagon” not only serves the purpose of onboarding new users and breaking the ice on making new friends but also helps crowdsource the review of all new accounts for the use of hate speech in usernames, profile photos, and imagery.

While the custom has become a proud tradition and testament to the community’s commitment to fostering a healthier online space, longtime CoSo users should keep in mind that new users are just arriving and need time to acclimate. Keep it short, friendly, and genuine.

Here are some example greetings to help you find your own voice:

“Hi! Welcome.”

“Welcome to CoSo. If you need help, ask away. Everyone’s friendly.”

“Welcome. Visit @CoSoTips for the user guide and FAQs. Use the (#)help hashtag in a post if you need support”

Promoting Your Account on Other Sites

Have you joined us from another platform, but aren’t quite sure how to tell your people where you’ve gone? If so, we have just the thing for you! Download the social media banners to use on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media sites that accept profile photos and headers. If you would like to post a link to your profile on CoSo, activate your Public Landing Page (PRO feature) in your preferences to receive your unique profile link.

Social Media Banners + Avatars


Media Assets

For the CounterSocial media kit visit:

Press Requests

For interviews or feature requests please email Press(@) and include your name, publication, and links to previously published stories for consideration.


Have questions or need help? Follow @CoSoTips or tag any post with #help to get support from the community.